Team Work

We believe in team work where members compete with one another to
achieve nothing. The Goals are met and all members are free to take
the credit .Awards are based on team performance on each individuals
capability to influence the Boss.


We groom the leader to lead themselves to top positions .Leaders are
key in developing business and organizations on their own and to get
all the credits. They are preacher and not supposed to follow as
this is the job of associates. They are Role models for others as
they have reached the level of perfection.

Talent Management

Talent identification and development is the job of talent itself.
We only facilitate in giving hikes if they decide to leave us.
Attracting new talent depends on market forces which are beyond our


All are empowered to take a decision for not taking any decisions.
Empowerment is critical for executing all the decisions with
consensus at top.


Vision of the organization is driving us all to show these to our
customers. Customer is the king and vision/values cam impress the
customer. Values our integrated in the management approach of
abiding, these till the point of convenience.

Corporate Governance

We manage our business to avoid all he processes that can make any
impact on our disclosures we like to avoid.

Human Relations

Managing our employees with applying best of HR interventions is
core to our business strategy and employees are accountable for
effectiveness of these initiatives. Relations management is
employee's internal matter and as to our values management need not
play around in these matters.


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