Итак, кто же я?


You begin by asking: 'What do I understand?'

You aren’t immune to the feelings and perspectives of others, but your starting point is your own insight, your own understanding.

Your best quality: Your ability to find patterns invisible to others
Always: Find time to be by yourself
Be careful you: Don’t think so long, you never do anything
Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to produce new content.


You begin by asking: 'Is everyone okay?'
You are acutely aware of everyone else’s emotional state, particularly if you sense they are feeling hurt or slighted. You are instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated.
Your best quality: Your open heart
Always: Be willing to ask people for favors in return
Be careful you: Don’t get so consumed with other people’s feelings that you forget your own
Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid either to play on a team or lead the team.

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