Employee Productivity
• average sales turnover per employee
• average profit per employee
• value added per employee

Employee Cost
• employment costs as % of sales turnover / profit
• employment costs per employee
• employment costs as % of operating costs

Employee Turnover/Loyalty
• % of employees that leave the organization in a given time period
• average length of service

Remuneration and Benefit Benchmark
• average salary paid vs. competition / industry and geographical norms
• benefits provided vs. competition / industry and geographical norms

Willingness of Employees to Recommend the Company as an Employer
• % of employees who are willing to recommend the organization as an employer to a friend
• % of applicants / appointees that have received recommendations from current employees

Recruitment Process
• average lead time to recruit employees
• average cost of recruiting off employees
• average number of applications received per vacancy

Skills/Competencies Availability
• average lead time to develop skills/competencies that are required
• average lead time to close skills/competencies gaps
• % of required skills/competencies available within the organization

Employee Satisfaction with Training Program
• % of training course participants that are satisfied / highly satisfied with the course or program
• % of training course participants that are dissatisfied / highly dissatisfied with the course or program

Training Budget
• expenditure on training and staff development per employee in a given period

Availability of Training Courses
• % of training courses that match organizational requirements
• % of training courses that match employee's personal requirements
• average number of courses requested, but not offered

Impact of Training
• % difference in the rate of productivity before and after training
• % difference in the defects rate before and after training
• proportion of training programmers resulting in productivity improvements
• proportion of training programmers resulting in quality improvements (reduction in defects)

Employee Development
• % of employees that develop Individual Development Plan
• % of employees that fully execute their Individual Development Plan

Employee Career Coaching
• % of employees that participate in career coaching program
• % of employees that have been assessed in Assessment Center

Internal Promotion Opportunities
• average lead time to promotion
• average lead time for promotion from bottom grade to senior management
• % of managers / senior managers who have been promoted internally

Employee Motivation
• % of employees that are committed to the organizational goals and objectives
• % of employees that are considered to be 'highly motivated'

Employee Satisfaction
• Employee Satisfaction Survey Index


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