By the sixth year in middle management, most employers have already decided whether a middle manager has senior-level potential or has become a "career" middle manager, according to a new survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC).

Jill, the new CEO stepped into the small meeting room and prepared herself to address the gathering of managers. She felt quite assured and confident. This was the fifth time she would deliver this speech, in almost as many days. This was just one stop on her two week road tour. The new strategic direction that she was informing managers about was already catching people's attention.

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It takes anywhere from three to 15 months to find the right job -- yet just days or weeks to lose it. Here are 10 traits that are career poison

The reason you don't understand me, Edith, is because I'm talkin' to you
in English and you're listenin' to me in dingbat!" - Archie Bunker

Balanced Scorecard
The balanced scorecard is a new management concept which helps managers at all levels monitor results in their key areas. An article by Robert Kaplan and David Norton entitled "The Balanced Scorecard - Measures that Drive Performance" in the Harvard Business Review in 1992 sparked interest in the method, and led to their business bestseller, "The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action", published in 1996.

Chennai June 9 Infosys decision to curb employee exits by forcing them to sign non-compete agreements is being received with much criticism by people in the business of helping companies retain talent.

Worker evaluations shouldn't be brutal, but they need to be honest and accurate to protect employers from a wrongful-termination lawsuit.

Team Work

We believe in team work where members compete with one another to
achieve nothing. The Goals are met and all members are free to take
the credit .Awards are based on team performance on each individuals
capability to influence the Boss.