Although these 10 Commandments were originally
written by Pat Croce for his customer service team,
you can apply these principles to any business and
your personal life as well.

This will ensure you create an atmosphere of success. Enjoy!

1. Say Hello and Goodbye
Be sure to get your customers coming and going
by greeting them with a hearty “hello” and a well-meant
“goodbye.” And it doesn’t have to just be customers
or clients; offering everyone you encounter a hello and
goodbye is a common courtesy.

You make a difference in another’s day,
and the best part, you feel great!

2. Use First Names
Our name is the first thing that separates us
from everyone else and makes us an individual.
When you use a first name, you personalize your
experiences with people and make them feel
important. Every day, call those first names out loud!

3. Listen, Listen, Listen
People who talk, talk, talk may monopolize the
conversation. But it’s the people who listen, listen, listen
- and then ask strategic questions - that actually control
the conversation. Never underestimate the power of
silence, especially when negotiating.

4. Communicate Clearly
There’s nothing so simple that someone can’t
misunderstand it. Making a clear and full explanation
is like going around closing windows - windows that
might otherwise be left open to misunderstanding.
It takes a measure of discipline to achieve,
but it’s an important habit to cultivate.

5.Be Neat, Clean, and Fit
People respond more readily to someone who takes
an obvious pride in their appearance and environment.
This attitude automatically establishes you as a person
who can be trusted and an authority who should be respected.

6. Be Prompt and Professional
Being habitually late creates the impression of
being unreliable. Being on time is a habit, nothing
more. It requires a little organization, a little discipline,
and a little planning.

7. Be Positive
Life has a way of becoming a self-fulfilling
prophecy. If you always expect the worst, then
you’ll hardly ever be disappointed. We are all capable
of starting out in a positive frame of mind.

But to be able to sustain that through failure upon
failure… that is the true measure of a positive attitude.

8. Extend Compliment
Heartfelt praise elevates a person’s spirits, leaves
them feeling better about themselves, and will often
result in them having an encouraging word for someone else.

9. Have Fun
A good sense of humor makes other good things
possible - a positive attitude, passion, pride,
productivity, a sense of well-being, and compassion for others.

10. Do It Now!
If you do not immediately implement what you learn today,
then the world will have changed by tomorrow and you will be two steps behind.


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